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I am a licensed dietitian nutritionist and trained culinary professional with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition from New York University and a Culinary Arts Diploma from the Institute of Culinary Education. With over 15 years of experience in culinary nutrition, I combine my strong foundation in clinical nutrition with my culinary skills to develop healthy flavorful recipes and educate others on how to apply nutrition science in the kitchen.


I am also the co-founder of the Culinary Nutrition Collaborative, a continuing education and consulting platform, as well as a freelance food and health writer. I have trained in and worked for a Michelin-starred restaurant group that focused on seasonal, sustainable, and nutritious menus and consulted for myriad food service operations and global food companies.

Living in Maine, I feel a strong connection to the local food system -- and at the same time, I enjoy creating recipes inspired from cuisines around the world and especially from the Mediterranean region, leaning into my Greek roots.

My Food Philosophy

My strong Greek heritage has had a big influence on my connection with food from a young age. From early memories of tenderizing freshly caught octopus by the seaside and stuffing grape leaves with my grandmother to making skordalia with my family that was so garlicky it came out of our pores, I knew early on that my cultural food traditions were significant.


Perhaps I didn't know to what scale, in the larger sense of the world, but I knew that food was how we bonded -- cooking together was when we felt the most joy, had the most laughs, and shared the most stories.  Ultimately it really was how we shared our love, across generations.  

As I grew older, I became even more curious about the world of food and loved how independent I felt when I could prepare an entire meal for my parents - and their friends! And eventually for groups of my friends in high school and college (cooking for 40 in a dorm room kitchen is no small feat).

I also started to realize that my food choices had a direct impact on how I felt and how I functioned, sparking my curiosity in nutrition science.  And later on, I realized my food choices also impact the health of our environment, driving me to learn as much as I could about food that is not just good for our bodies but for our planet (which often go hand in hand).


My passion for cooking never subsided and I saw time and time again how important it was to not just guide people on what nutritious foods to eat or buy, but how to bring out the most flavor of those nutritious foods so that the joy of eating isn't lost.  Now, 15 years into my career and a parent of two, I value the importance of eating well and sharing fun family meals more than ever. 

​My mission is to inspire and support YOU to do the same. Feeling the independence and confidence to prepare nourishing food for yourself and your family will reap lifelong rewards that go beyond what any quick-fix diet can do.  

Let's work together to enable you to enjoy and sustain a lifetime of healthy, delicious eating.

~ Kristy



Years of Experience


Press Mentions


Published Works



The Institute of Culinary Education

Career Culinary Arts Diploma ’10


New York University

M.S. in Clinical Nutrition ’08


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Dietetic Internship Training ’08


Boston College

B.A. in History ’05



Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Culinary Arts Diploma

Certified in Adult Weight Management


NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Food Protection Certificate



Co-Founder of the Culinary Nutrition Collaborative

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