The key to achieving balanced health and wellness is to be knowledgeable about ingredients and comfortable cooking in the kitchen.


Being comfortable does not mean being a superstar chef, but just knowing how to take a few simple healthy ingredients and transform them into a delicious, stress-free meal with ease!


No need to count calories or follow strict diet plans - together we can learn how to focus on healthy ingredients and build delicious recipes in the kitchen to give you the tools for success.


Cooking Lessons:

Whether it's general healthy cooking classes or customized classes based on your specific interests, priorities and tastes, I will teach you the skills, tricks and tips, you need to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Private or group classes are available for adults as well as modified classes for children when applicable.


Pantry Makeover:

A bespoke service, where I come to your home and take stock of what you typically keep on hand, providing suggestions for items to keep and items to swap out for healthier alternatives. Having a well-stocked pantry gives you the foundation for daily healthy eating and cooking.


Grocery Store Tours:

Let's go shopping!  I will guide you through the grocery store to help you shop smarter, walk you through reading labels and navigate what’s healthy and what’s not.